Right place, Wrong time.

Read: You know something is right for you, but you have that character on your shoulder saying “No.” Why though? You’ve been through so many experiences that you don’t even know what you want at this point. You’re hiding out from your own truth. You are so lost in your own substance that you cant tell the real anymore.

How many times have we felt that something was so great? Only to imagine how it could be ruined and then ruin it ourselves? I’ll be honest, I’ve done this myself. Not once but numerous times. I’ve been to the point that I thought I needed so desperately to protect myself that I’ve had to guard every inch of feelings I have.

The past should not define us. This should not represent the way we act in future relationships. I have fallen victim to treating the wrong people right, and the right people wrong. Do not do to others that you do not want done to you. Once you fall into that bracket you become the same person who hurt you. It is not okay to take another persons emotions and smother them because you are hurt.

We carry baggage all through our lives. Even baggage that we don’t realize we are still holding on to. One day you can be listening to a song and suddenly get this sick feeling in your stomach that reminds you of your past. What does this do? Mostly ruins your day, has you thinking.. WHY am I still lingering on this? WHAT makes me still care?

Unfortunately the baggage of hurt you hold inside is just as hard to find within you as it is in the airport. The same way you sit at the carousel waiting to recognize your bag is the same way you go through life trying to realize what has hurt you. WHAT part of your life has turned you into the person you are today? WHICH experience effected you and made you this way, that way and the next. This is why timing is so important.

Time; a point of time as measured in hours and minutes past midnight or noon.

Now did you ever think that at a moment in time you would feel something you have never felt before? Or that once upon a time you wouldn’t be able to feel what you once have felt, as much as you tried. You can have the most perfect person in the world standing right in front of you.. GUESS WHAT? If its not your time, its not the time, IT WILL NOT WORK.

I know that not everyone believes in destiny, so I will explain. You can leave a relationship and meet the most amazing person in the world. Then as time passes you realize that this TIME is not right for you.. WHY? You are not over your past. You can not tell the future. You are not yet healed. If you are not yet healed, there is a high chance you have not become to love yourself.


Now this is when right place comes along.  You are brokenhearted and one of the most amazing people you have ever met has walked into your life. Now this alone is something that is usually taken for granted, but you know it shouldn’t. As much as you want to fight and fight the wrong time error, how easy is it really? You want to care about another human, but the experience of being hurt causes this time….


It takes STRENGTH, it takes LOVE, and it takes TRUST to get past the bad experiences. If you have someone willing to provide all three, THAT’S real love. Yes, we all make mistakes. Yes, nobody is perfect. Yes, love is real & if its there, its there.

Relate: Now this blog is just to tell you that through many experiences you can find that perfect love does not come with perfect time. Nobody in this world dictates what you should or shouldn’t do, BESIDES YOU!

Live your life, embrace your life.

Notate: If you feel you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to comment.