Get Uncomfortable; Episode 2

EPISODE # 2 on our first Sunday of the new year.
Tune in to Listen to Britters & Destinie speak on the
problems that life can throw at you being women.
This week we talk about when to tell your friend her mans a DOG,
our experiences with Sexual Harassment in the workplace


A Dangerous​ game of love.

I just wanted to make a quick post about the “Dangerous game of love.” I’m sitting here watching the Soul Train Awards and 112 is performing. I absolutely love R&B, especially old school R&B. Whenever I’m in my feelings or going through something the first thing I turn to is writing & music.

As I just heard the song and thought of the title it reminded me of a conversation I had earlier with my sister. I was telling her how its so hard to come by a person that doesn’t cheat anymore. This goes for women and men. It seems that both sexes are very hard to trust nowadays and there is a few rare amount of people that actually remain loyal. I can’t even count the amount of people that I know have cheated or are cheating in a relationship.  Read more…

I woke up.

I just woke up around 4:45 AM due to a butt dial. I looked at the time thinking “Damn, really?” I was just sitting there knowing I have an hour and a half to sleep and I knew there was no way that was happening. I automatically was annoyed and cranky. It took me two seconds to think “Here we go, now I’m going to be tired all day at work.”

All these negative things flowing through my mind bright and early. I rolled over, checked my text messages and then something came to me.

EXACTLY, I WOKE UP. Read more…

Crying in the Mirror.


You know those moments where you hear a song, smell a scent, or feel a feeling and suddenly you’re right back into an exact moment? It’s like a time portal without the time travel. You can feel every single thing that you felt and remember everything that was going on at that exact time. It makes you feel crazy. It’s like watching “That’s So Raven” when you suddenly get a “vision” and for that second EVERYTHING stops.

I had that today. It was like a glimpse into the past. Sometimes these little “Visions” “Time Travels” that we have aren’t always the best. They still have an impact though, which I will get into in a minute. Read more…


Something that I have learned is that it takes a lot of experience and maturity to realize the things you need to change and the actions that you need to take in order to change them. Growing up I just have lived life focusing on “what’s meant to be will happen.”

I’ve always just focused on faith only and figured everything will fall into place. Recently that has somewhat changed for me. Now I still definitely do rely on faith in most cases but I feel there’s more that influences the positive and negative things that happen in your life. Now don’t get me wrong, you can be doing the best that you possibly can and negative things can definitely still happen. It’s just something that I feel helps and goes a long way when it comes to the best things in life.

POSITIVITY.  Read more…

White-ish Podcast, Feature # 2.

I was given the opportunity to feature on White-ish again last week. Slowly but surely I’m getting more comfortable with speaking on the mic. I had a blast and I’m so happy that I have been able to experience the feeling of doing a podcast before I start my own. It will be coming soon! Expect these two to have a spot to feature on mine when the time comes too!

Enjoy everyone! Subscribe and review White-ish !!