Caught Him. Part 2.

I’ll never forget the feeling I had once that door opened.

It was like someone had taken  my entire heart and tore it open in that instance. You know that feeling when someone says something that your heart DROPS into your stomach and you feel like you’re about to throw up? Yeah, that was me.

It was the same female that my ex had told me NEVER to worry about. You know, when your man hits you with the “Ew, Hell no.” type of reaction.. It was one of those. Don’t get me wrong, that’s usually the reaction you’ll get when your man is cheating.. BUT when you Love someone you want to believe it all.

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Firstly, I want to say how appreciative I am to have been asked to be apart of this brand. The people who have created Life is crazy have to be some of the most talented & most amazing people that I’ve ever met. Support our Vision & we’ll support you.

4.18.2018- 8:00 PM. The time has come to unlock a website full of talent & Dope ass merchandise. The work that has been done for this drop has shown the ambition & hard work that comes about when there’s a goal and a dream. Theres nothing better than mixing a group of people from different backgrounds, lifestyles & experiences and seeing the vision we all have come into one. Welcome to #Lifeiscrazy @lifeiscrazy.ny

My Momma.

I can’t be fake and start this entry off saying the relationship between my Mom & I has always been the best. It hasn’t. I can’t ever say it’s been perfect and I won’t lie and say I think it will ever be. That’s not realistic. In truth, it’s not even possible because unfortunately like my mom has told me all while growing up.. We are too much alike.

With that being said, we both have strong personalities. You won’t catch either one of us stopping until we have the last word & you won’t ever see us hold our tongues..

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Make your life, YOUR LIFE.

Yesterday, for the first time ever, I did Yoga.

It took about two minutes for the instructor to bring me straight into my zone and let all of my emotions be felt. It was like something took over me once she began to speak.

She said something along the lines of “Put your hand on your heart and think of all the positive things that you want for yourself and the people around you.”

Automatically I got emotional. I’m one of those people who feel from my heart to my toes. When I think of the people that I care about it brings so much joy and love to my heart. It’s a genuine feeling where I truly want everyone around me to WIN. Continue reading “Make your life, YOUR LIFE.”